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Flechas Historia
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Flechas Historia
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Flechas Historia
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Our Terroir


In this valley there are indications of crops since 1500, being the Itihue, a Mapuche community, the first to occupy and cultivate the valley. Since then until today, San Carlos has remained an agricultural zone, with apples being the icon of this area.


The valley has a mild subtropical weather with an oceanic façade, also known as Mediterranean, with large temperature fluctuations between day and night, which favors the pigmentation of the fruit and the quality of the crops. Average temperatures vary between 12º and 15º C.


The valley is at a height of 161mts. above sea level and is located between the Ñuble River and the Perquilauquén River, and is naturally protected by the Andes Mountains, where there are also 2 volcanoes; Nevados de Chillán and Nevado de Longaví. It is an almost flat plain, with minimal and slightly undulating slopes.


Our soil is Trumao, a word of Mapuche origin that means “Volcanic Soil”. It is formed mainly by volcanic ash and sediments of fluvial origin. The soils of El Torreón sector are arable, of good quality for crops. They offer adequate productivity and have practically no limitations in their use. With good drainage, about 12% organic matter, average pH of 5.7.

Nuestro Campo

Our Field

We have an area of ​​434 hectares, where 139 are used for our fruit production, and 188 are for annual crops. We still have 107 hectares available, which are in our expansion project, both fruit and agriculture.

Our presence in the world

Starting in 2004, we made the decision to be the ones to export our fruit ourselves. From there we have accumulated experience in various markets.
Thanks to our trajectory and the reputation of our fruit, we are present in 5 continents, being our main destinations: China, India, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, USA, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

Exportaciones Exportaciones

Our Services for Agricultural Producers

Today our knowledge in this area and a great relationship with importing clients in key markets, has allowed us to also export the products of other farmers.


Servicios Agricultural

Contract with external companies for seed reproduction and annual crops with the option of pivot irrigation technologies.


Servicios Packing

From the reception and rapid cooling of the fruit, packaging in formats demanded by the international markets, to the consolidation and dispatch of the product to the main markets and selected destinations.


Servicios Export

A wide range of clients in the main markets of each continent to form low-risk programs related to the supply and demand of each product.

Our Certifications

At El Torreón Export responsibility is synonymous with commitment, which is why we have certified our company in the aspects that most define how we do things. This search for excellence leads us to constantly review every detail that can be improved or that can be done in a more environmentally friendly way.